The German construction industry has a sad record: in average, accidents in this area happen twice as often as in overall German industry.

To improve safety conditions at construction sites, the German Government 1998 released a decree that has major consequences on all people in the construction industry, especially on investors. Large construction projects for example need to be announced to the local authorities and it has to be assured that safety measures are planned before starting any building activities.

To prevent safety hazards on construction sites employing workers from different companies, the investors also need to appoint specially trained engineers or architects known as Safety and Health-Coordinators (SiGe-Koordinatoren).

The services we provide include:

  • Consulting on safety at construction sites
  • Announcements to local authorities
  • Safety and Health Plans
  • Safety and Health Coordinators
  • Communication with the competent authorities
  • Documentation of safety measures on construction sites